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As a socially responsible business we support charitable organisations.

The majority of our support is directed to a charity set up by our Principle, the LUKE PRIDDIS FOUNDATION (LPF), ‘Supporting Children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families”.  



Giant Steps is a school that  specifically caters for children and young adults diagnosedwith an Autism Spectrum Disorder. It caters for childen from pre-school age through their early learning  programs, school age and then those young adults leaving school via their community collage programs. It has schools sites in Sydney and Melbourne.  


Some of our advisers provide regular donations to the Cancer council while we also regularly support Movember in recognition of awareness of Male cancers


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Priddis Pty Ltd (ACN 111 606 341) trading as CPR WEALTH
ABN 75 662 829 642
Corporate Authorised Representative
Charter Financial Planning Limited
ABN 35 002 976 294
Australian Financial Services Licensee
Licence Number 234665
Principal Address : 750 Collins Street PO
BOX 2830 Melbourne Victoria 3001


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