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Suffering a serious illness or injury


The advances in medical treatment today have dramatically improved the chances of survival when it comes to suffering traumatic events such as a serious heart attack, cancers, stroke, kidney failure etc. While you are now more likely to survive you are also more likely to face large medical bills which are required to be paid, thus the need for trauma insurance has increased.

Trauma insurance is a way to ensure you have funds available to seek medical treatment and to take time off work to recuperate. Trauma (or critical illness) insurance provides a cash lump sum if you suffer a specified illness or injury such as those mentioned. It potentially allows you to:

  • Be able to cover all potential medical expenses
  • To have choice over your hospital, specialist and treatment
  • To reduce or pay off debts
  • Make any alterations to family home, if required
  • To be able for your partner to take time off work to care for you

A comprehensive Wealth Protection plan would also utilise Income Protection insurance, Total and Permanent Disability insurance and Death cover to ensure  you and your family are financially protected in the case such unpredictable events occur. 

Download our guide to wealth protection for further information 

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