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There are many reasons why you may decide to change jobs. It may be due to seeking improved career prospects, being head hunted due to demands for your skills and experience within your sector, a complete change of careers, or you may have a change thrust upon you through being made redundant. All involve the need to review various aspects relating to your wealth creation and wealth protection needs such as:

  • What do I need to do regarding my superannuation fund?
  • Will your life insurances continue after you leave your employment?
  • Has your remuneration changed and how does this affect existing insurance levels?
  • Has your capacity to save or reduce debt changed?
  • Can structuring your new salary provide any advantages?

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When your job is made redundant, you are usually paid a sum of money from your employer. If your redundancy is classified as a 'genuine redundancy', the payment you receive from your employer on termination is given special taxation treatment. This can result in significant tax savings, giving you more money to help you meet your costs or build your savings while you are looking for new work.

A CPR WEALTH adviser can help you make sound financial decisions taking into account:

  • The most effective way to take your redundancy payout?
  • What your entitlements are?
  • Which Centrelink rules could benefit you?
  • What you will do with the money? (e.g. will you pay off debt or invest)
  • If you will need to set up an income stream?
  • What you will do with your superannuation fund?
  • If your life insurance will continue after you leave your employment?

Wealth TV- a client discusses how a Financial Planner assisted them after redundancy

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