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Financial Health Check

A financial health check helps you explore your goals and make sure that you’re on track. It helps you to establish your financial needs and set a clear path to enable you to reach your goals whatever they might be.

Simply complete the financial health check below Once you've discovered your financial position, start to think about an action plan to be in control and improve your situation.

Take our 5 Minute Financial Health Check for a quick guide
to your current financial conditions


How can an expert help?

You could have a lot more financial options than you think. Planning your future with the help of a financial adviser can help you discover ways to achieve the lifestyle you want.

Based on your unique situation a CPR WEALTH adviser is ready to prepare a personalised plan that is right for you.

Here are some ways CPR WEALTH is able to help:

  • Explore your goals and life plans
  • Prioritise the urgency you place on achieving your goals
  • Assess your level of comfort with the plans you may currently have in place
  • Determine the best advice solutions to enable you to reach your goals
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